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      Vents considerations
      Where is the air vent
      Don't know why, there are a lot of people will always strange laugh at others, such as a lot of people see someone built a new home, so he waiting to laugh at them and wanted to pick something wrong with every day, to see them in the top villa, also is the place to the south slope left two small Windows when something doesn't understand, they found poking fun at point, feeling at work, they think that it is principal so good villa roof, but deliberately stay two such thing do? The less mean would say it was like two eyes on the roof, and the more mean would say that there were two temple doors on the roof of a new house built by a certain family.
      This is a very wicked thing to say in the countryside, and when it comes to the ears of the master, it will cause trouble, because the temple is so different from the house in which he lives. People built a new house, put aside two such things is of course useful, is not what to make demon, also is not for what deliberately high profile, the two small Windows of the same thing is the main function of ventilation, used to let the air circulation inside the villa, the effect is very big. What's there to laugh at? Say somebody else high profile, just be oneself in the mind think high profile and high profile do not rise, so just can say others intentionally high profile.
      If we look closely, we'll see that most of these vents face south, because most of our houses face south, as they are called in the countryside. The design was reasonable and scientific, because northern winters were particularly cold and northerly winds blew easily, and the southerly vents kept the wind from pouring in, while the southerly vents kept the air fresh and windy in the summer.
      But it's important to note that there are some people who don't leave this stuff, and there are some people who don't. Is this vent necessary? Under what circumstances should I stay?
      Is it necessary to stay
      Whether this is necessary to stay, all depends on the design of our house, can not say to stay all stay, to see their own house is appropriate. If we are the roof of half a floor to keep the table, that is, the house inside all around only cast along the child, the whole middle is empty, it is necessary to stay. The rims are used to tile or water the top of the concrete slope, and the rims are used for girders and drains. In this case, as it is empty in the middle, it is connected to the second floor below, leaving the air vent to allow the wind to flow smoothly into the house below, so we say it is necessary.
      As we all know, houses are inhabited, and even places where flowers are grown and animals are raised have air vents to regulate the temperature. This ventilation is very important for human and animal health. Why do we smell bad smells when we go into rooms that have not been inhabited for a long time? It is because the air is not in circulation, and if the air is not in circulation for a long time, there will also be the breeding of germs, which will only do harm to people's health without any benefit, while ventilation can effectively improve this situation. Ventilation, on the other hand, is an effective way to regulate temperature, with many benefits.
      But what else is important here? That is a lot of people are now building the house above the roof for all to block, also is our common in rural areas of the cast-in-place bungalow, so the upper half is a single layer of space, not with the same, in this case, the vents are actually there is no need to stay, because has also lost the most basic and most important role, is to keep the air circulation also do not have to implement with the following house, so some people built a vent is a look at the others so it himself, this is just a way, there is a solid, and the inside of the slope under no, so don't need, Because it has lost its original function