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      Central air conditioning of the deformed benefits?

      Central air inside the machine has a fixed length, on the inside of the outlet and inlet is long, but at the time of install air conditioning inside machine to package in the interior of the condole top, appearance can only see the custom air-conditioning outlet and inlet, air conditioning circuit board in the air conditioning machine in the left or the right, to the late inspection and maintenance, need to do an access port, the hole in the central air conditioning when return air mouth to be able to access port contained in a body, it can be seen the return air mouth, make the effect after such beautiful degree can increase air conditioning return air mouth position.

      Return air outlet length of central air-conditioning tuyere is commonly inlet to outlet is longer than 30 cm long, return air mouth contains access port. We tend to consider in the design of tuyere symmetry, outlet to do return air mouth isometric, also requires early good reserve the installation position of outlet, outlet position beside the air-conditioning outlet extra 30 cm fake tuyere location internal color processing, so as to embody the symmetry, and beauty.

      Extended version of the return air mouth now particularly value the effect of the whole, the adornment of the ceiling in the design of air conditioning of tuyere habits designed to stretch out the return air mouth, pull the draught of air conditioning to the whole condole supports, this also need to decorate the early to color the air-conditioning outlet internal plasterboard (false tuyere, not out of the wind the place), to do so can reflect the overall aesthetics. Need to pay attention to long tuyere transportation problems and install a patchwork.

      Share a return air mouth position in the area of the larger guest restaurant USES two air conditioners installed side by side, a air conditioner out of the restaurant, a air conditioner out of the sitting room, or the two air conditioners with side out of the wind, to the beautiful sex of air conditioning in the late and shorten the width of the ceiling, can use the two air conditioning units return air mouth sat in the form of a straight line, can reduce air conditioning position of return air hole and not beautiful sex problem.
      Summary, on the design of the air conditioning the return air mouth can differ according to the modelling of design into a long, widening type, art type, different color type, it can improve the beautiful sex of indoor decoration, also can improve the beautiful sex of air-conditioning outlet, but deformed when decorate with need to pay attention to the fake tuyere internal processing.