Creativity is a part of life.
Better still. It will lead you the way to Rome.
-Calvin CreAsian

Calvin CreAsian is a CreAsian/ Art director/ Graphic designer.
Loves to create creative concepts for a better world.

Started in 2004 as a Graphic designer. Somehow he wants to be more creative in developing concepts.
So in 2009 he started a 3 years education for Concept & Design called Junior Academy for Art Direction.
It was great. Because the teacher told him he can start in the 3rd year.

In 2010 he finished the education for Concept & Design and won the Bronzen Vlam
(3rd best student of the year).

As a CreAsian he develops creative concepts for a better world.
Like developing campaign concepts.
A new product concept.
And if possible something completely new.
Cause he truly believes there are more roads that leads to a better world.

Want to work together? Feel free to send an email: info@calvincreasian.com