Department store VERS©

The concept
If you take a look at random department stores, you’ll often see brands which already have a good name.
Better still. It’s a must. Cause besides a good name, you also need a big budget to promote
your product in a department store. It’s almost impossible for new brands to promote their products.
So a new concept for a new department store is born…

VERS. (means FRESH). A brand new department store-concept that refreshes brands every year.
New brands gets the chance to promote his product for one year. After one year,
they’ve to make space for other brands. So the department store always stays VERS.
And it starts with the logo which also refreshes every year.

VERS. Fertile bottom for new brands.

Anti-Corporate Identity
The corporate identity refreshes itself every year.
The chosen designer gets the chance to promote his design skills.
This will become  the VERS corporate identity designer for the whole year.

And how does VERS department store look like?
A  hip department store build with containers.
Talented designers gets the chance to design the whole exterior & interior of the department store.

And what sort of new products does VERS department store sell?
Selling brand new products.

Introduction campaign
To promote the fresh bottom of VERS department store.




We’ll give away a box of magic beans. Once you give water; a new brand will grow out of the box.
At the side of the box you’ll find more information about VERS.

Brand Utility
Fertile bottom for new discounts-app. Shape your own discount by choosing a seed like gadgets-seed,
T-shirt-seed, shoes-seed. Give water 2 times per day to the seed. Within 3 days you’ll shape a discount
that varies between 1 and 10% discount.

VERS website

Follow-up campaign
To promote the Harvest Weeks of VERS department store.
It’s a good way to remind consumers that VERS department store refreshes the brands every year.



Direct mailing to shops who wants to become member of VERS department store will receive a box:
To a fertile future. In the box you’ll find a scoop & a mini-book about VERS department store.

A concept by Calvin CreAsian

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