Creative Roots. Let art & culture grow.

The assignment
The Art & Culture in the Netherlands is under pressure. People don’t understand what’s the true value of Art & Culture.
How can we solve this problem?

The solution
To let them understand the true value and most importantly, to get them involved we created an online platform: (means creative roots) Let Art & Culture grow. An online platform to support new projects of Art & Culture.

Artist can upload their project for support. And supporters can take a look if it’s worth to support.

You can support projects with roots.
6 steps to go:
1) Choose a project.
2) Click on support.
3) With which root you want to support?
4) After you bought a root. You can plant it in your profile.
5) Plant the root. Your profile is filled with several benefits you can unlock.
6) Congratulations! You’ve won a meet & greet with… plus 10% discount.

CreatieveWortels FriendsDiscount:
an application to unlock all the small discounts around the big discount.
Send a project you like to five  friends on facebook or twitter. After you unlocked all the five small discounts,
you’ll receive a suprise gift which is also meant to your five friends. It’s a way to spread projects in a positive way.

Social media effect


Free publicity: Creative roots are growing in the Netherlands.

A concept by Calvin CreAsian & Bart Kummel

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