Brand Activation Groningen Airport

The assignment
To promote the new trips of Groningen Airport during the Flower Market in Groningen.

The solution
YES, I DO want to go on vacation with you!
During the Flower Market everyone will receive a rose from the stewardesses of Groningen Airport.
With this rose they can win a trip for two.

To do:
1) give this rose to your beloved one.
2) make a picture with him/her
3) Tweet the picture with the reason about why you want to go on vacation with him/her to @airporteelde.
You can check all trips on

Besides promoting the new trips, Groningen Airport has also created likeability. A lot of people were very happy after they received the rose. Diverse reactions via Twitter were tweeted to @airporteelde with a picture and a reason.

A selection of free publicity on social media.

Client: Groningen Airport Eelde
Advertising agency: Open Communicatie

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